Brady Highfield

11 Jun

Skin: *Prodigal* Leo medium – chinstrap

Hair: *DROT*- The Vincent- Dark Chocolate

Glasses: Reek – Denton Shades – Colors

Shirt: **M+M** men’s tank -Mandarin-

Pants: [NSD] Gaucho Pants/Gray

Shoes: Reek – Barclay Sandals/White

Tattoo (chest): SOURIRES – GuardedByAngels TATTOO

Earrings: Cobrahive – Gauged Earrings – Color

Bracelet:  .:: ONE GRID ::. Wristwatch

Tongue:  -V- Tongue Action Piercings / Addict

Necklace:  [[SHADE THRONE]] EL ROSARIO (black wood)


One Response to “Brady Highfield”

  1. xxxtube July 8, 2011 at 1:05 am #

    Excellent subject I could not of thougth off that !

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